About Us

We are roommates from all around the world, living together in a three story house with a large terrace and a garden. The house is the district Prenzlauer Berg, one of the prettiest districts of Berlin, and only 18 minutes away from the Alexanderplatz. There are plenty of grocery stores nearby, as well as cinemas, bars, theaters, and clubs - all within 15 minutes either on foot or via tram.

Currently there are 12 different nations living together under one roof. The complete living space is ca. 800m² large. The living room (300m²) on the ground floor has a very comfortable couch area, a large dining table with enough room for everyone, and a TV + DVD player. The kitchen is fully equipped and with 49m² large enough for everyone to cook together. The showers rooms for both men and women each have 5 showers and are accompanied by restrooms with each 2 restroom stalls. In the summer we use the terrace to occasionally eat breakfast outside or barbeque in the evening. The rooms in the upper floors are quite spacious and are hence shared. On each floor we also have toilets and several sinks with mirrors. Every room is completely furnished with beds, tables, chairs, closets, and cupboards. We typically use these rooms to sleep and relax, or in case one wants to withdraw, as there is more than enough room in the living and dining area. For roommates only staying for a short period of time (at least three months), you can move into a 50m² room with four beds. For those staying longer we also have double or single bedrooms.

Everyone is here to have a fun time in Berlin and to gather as many impressions as possible - of course on a voluntary basis. We do a lot together, sit together and talk, go out, watch movies, go to theaters, clubs and bars. We oftentimes also cook and eat together.

For over five years this shared house has been functioning very well and has always been a home for people from all over the world - even for roommates who were in Berlin for only a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have WiFi, washers, ... ?

6000er DSL in the entire house, two washing machines and dish washers each, parking place for bikes, extra mattresses and blankets for visitors, and enough room for everyone!

How do you handle cleaning?

We are well organized and have a cleaning schedule. Everyone has a designated area that he or she needs to clean once a week.

Where are you guys from?

Currently we're a well-balanced mix of folks from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Colombia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, and Russia - of course all other nationalities are welcome, as well!

Which language do you speak?

Mostly German, since a lot of us are here to learn the language. Sometimes also English or your native language with fellow countrymen.

How much do you do together?

Oftentimes some of us cook together or explore Berlin - especially on the weekend, since that's when most of us have time. But also during the week: for instance, on Mondays the cinema at the Kulturhausbrauerei has a sneak priview. Of course participation in these group activities is voluntary, you can withdraw to your room anytime.

How do I move in?

Write us an e-mail and tell us about yourself! We'll get back to you shortly and let you know how things go from there.


Altes Backhaus Berlin e.V.
Langhansstr. 21
13086 Berlin
Phone: 030 92370892